Since early years, we have been providing our kids, athletes, adults and patients with the best personalized feet treatment within our Podiatry department where our team studies, diagnosis and treats all type of foot disorders. Tired feet, back pain, ankles and lower articulation pain, athlete’s foot, diabetic foot, and many other reasons affect your whole body performance during the day.

As foot specialists, we propose solutions to your foot discomfort ranging from orthopedics, pediatrics, geriatrics, sports medicine, vascular and neuro related cases.

We offer a free foot examination across all our shops

When visiting our shops, our specialists will diagnose and treat your foot using the most advanced technology

We are the first and only service that provides a 3D personalized insoles produced in our labs and delivered to you within 48 hours

We use the E500 RS 3D SCAN for orthotics manufacturing, allowing us to produce tailor made removable insoles that you can fit to any shoes you will use for running, walking, long hours at work or whatever is the activity you plan to do through the day or night.

The feetinform measuring station
Contact measuring system
stylish design, high quality and precision

Even measurement
across whole surface area

1055 pins
for maximum precision and accurate mapping of the footbed

Compact and easy to integrate
available in a range of colours
The feetinform software
Real-time 2D and 3D modelling
rotate the model in all directions – as if you were holding it in your hand

3-click process
with adaptive templates for rapid results

3D tools
template-based or custom, for unlimited creativity

Accurate mapping
high resolution model

Easy and logical customer management
The feetinform milling machine
Precise results
accurate milling ensures a perfect fit

Efficient, fast and exact
thanks to automatic finishing of the milling blocks

Up to 4 milling blocks
can be cut sequentially in one production cycle

The feetinform milling blocks
Innovation at its best
standard size and optimal geometry

Wide variety
of different hardness levels and attractive colours

Superior quality
strict quality control

We also accompany your child since their first steps to help them walk the right way and correct any pathologies in their feet. No need to be scared as most of the kids may have one or more of the common pathologies such as in-toeing walk, out-toeing walk, congenital deformity, flat feet, and high arch feet. It only takes a 10 minutes exam by our experts to guide through treating your kids feet with love and comfort, while helping to select the right shoes for them.

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