Our Story

S.C.S.H.C. which stands for “Société pour le Commerce et les Services Hygiéniques & Cosmétiques” was established in 1974 for the purpose of providing Top Quality Products and Services for the treatment and the comfort of the foot.

In its early years, S.C.S.H.C. concentrated on bringing the legendary Dr. Scholl to the Lebanese Market. It was only a matter of time, before S.C.S.H.C. broaden the footwear scope and brought the fine production of Bidegain (BSA) of France to their little ones. Ever since, SCSHC strives to bring the best quality, trendiest and comfortable shoes for men, women and kids.
Moreover S.C.S.H.C. is proud to be the First to offer to its client unique protocols of medical pedicure and manicure ensuring a high end know how and professionalism with the highest standards of infection prevention & control.

We also offer within our service a top world class chiropody care for the discomforts of the foot, in addition to the podiatry department for tailor-made Arch support ranging from readymade arches to personalized 3D insoles delivered within 48 hours to your foot step.


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